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Title: Hurting
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Vincent Crabbe/Gregory Goyle
Prompt: 030 Death
Word Count: 1026
Rating: PG-13
Aurthor's Notes: Character Death

It had been years since the last battle was fought and years since the Dark Lord fell forever. Vince still continued to wear long sleeves because he wanted to keep the Mark covered. There was still a faint outline of where the Mark used to be. He figured it was all just to remind everyone that the Dark Lord always left a lasting mark on the people that had been touched by him.

Greg had stayed home when Vince went out to do a few things this evening because he would rather just catch up with his friends on his own time. Vince didn’t really know how badly everything was bother Greg or he wouldn’t have left him home alone.

At home, all alone, Greg was sitting in his study looking at the pictures of the many people he had lost in the useless battles and over all in the war. Many of his close friends were gone and even a few that he wasn’t close to. The one death that probably had the biggest impact on him was his parents. His father was tortured and killed as an example of what happens when you aren’t loyal to the Cause. His mother was murdered shortly after that on a visit to Hogsmeade. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or at least that what Greg was told about the death. He wouldn’t ask Vince for the details because he was sure that Vince would avoid the conversation or tell him things he already knew.

It had been a long while since Greg was able to sleep without any nightmares on his own, so he always had a bottle of sleeping pills for when he needed to get to sleep and have it uninterrupted. He slipped his pictures back into his desk where he kept them all. He didn’t want Vince knowing about how much everything was bothering him because he knew that the other man would become very upset.

Greg took a handful of pills and popped them into his mouth before chasing them with a few gulps of firewhiskey. He made no thoughts about what would come of mixing the two because he had been doing it for many weeks now. Greg stretched out on the couch to make himself comfortable until Vince got home.

Vince got home a few hours after that and made his way to the study because he was sure Greg was in there doing some work. When he opened the door, he expected to see Greg sitting at the desk reading one of his new books, but instead saw him passed out on the couch. He went over to him and shook his gently. “Greg, you need to get up so we can go to bed,” he said softly as he continued to shake his lover. The only problem was that he wasn’t responding at all. “Greg!” He said in a more panicked voice. “Get up now,” he said as he shook his harder. Greg’s head just fell limp and he took a couple steps back. “No, please, no,” he whispered as he leaned in close to see if Greg was still breathing. Vince felt his throat close up when he smelled the firewhiskey on his breath.

He looked around the room in a hurry to see if he could figure out what he took. Vince finally noticed the sleeping pills on the desk before noticing the bottle firewhiskey spilled on the floor near the couch. “He can’t be…” Vince trailed off as he picked up Greg and put him over his shoulder.

After a few minutes, Vince was standing outside of St. Mungo’s with Greg still in his arms. He hurried inside to tell the healers what he found. They took Greg off to a room and made Vince sit in the waiting room to hear the details about what was going on.

Vince sat out in the waiting room for what felt like hours waiting to hear about what condition Greg was in. He was just hoping that they could get the sleeping pill out and then they both could go home without anything else to worry about, but no healer had come in to the room that knew anything about the condition that Greg was in.

After checking his watch another time, Vince walked over to the front desk to ask what was taking so long. He didn’t get an answer he liked so he walked back towards the door just in time to see a healer walk out. “Can you tell me about Greg?” Vince asked as he blocked the way for the healer.

He nodded and sighed softly. “Is there any family that can be contacted for Gregory? They will need to be notified as soon as possible.”

Vince shook his head. “I’m his only family. What they need to be contacted about?”

The healer led Vince over to the chairs and told him to sit down before he continued. “Gregory passed on a few minutes ago. I’m sorry to tell you this, but it seems that he had been using alcohol with those pills for a while. It had been destroying his insides and it had only taken one more time for part of his body to fail him. We did everything we could to help, but nothing worked. I’m sorry again for your loss.”

All Vince heard was that his best friend, his lover, had died a few minutes ago. He sunk into the chair and shook his head. “This isn’t possible. Are you sure we are talking about the same guy?” When the healer nodded, Vince covered his face. He wasn’t going to cry, he had done too much of that over the years and he could go on without Greg. He knew that he would be able to make it. And before Vince could stop himself he was hugging the healer tightly and crying into his shoulder. He couldn’t go on. He had lost his lover, his best friend and there was no one that he knew that would ever be able to pick up his broken pieces.


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