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you're still on my friends you can see stuff. no need to worry.

imma make you a cool one with that piccy

i take it your still my friend even though we've not spoken in like ages....

yeah of course. we're buddies.

Add me! ;)

LOVE your friends only banner, very cute!

you're on my friends need to worry.

dude.. people are all scared that you've gone and deleted them from your journal. It's like.. as soon as they see that banner "Oh no! shes got a friends only journal!!! what ever will we do! MUST BE FRIENDED BY HERRRRRRRR! even if i have no clue who she is."

just wanted to say that...

good day to you

*pokes* It's Mina from RP. Will you friend me please? *cheesy grin* I'm so cute and lovable, how can you turn me down?

Howdy yo,

this is Megs, lol, inviere, and I am just here to let you know about my new journal for my Fics, hence the new name! You can comment to be added if you'd like, all of my Fics will eventually be posted up there, but right now it's 'Friends Only' (so feel special).

If you are interested in joining, just leave an ickle comment, but if not, just ignore this and carry on with your day!




Hi. I is Debbie.
*grins and runs off to read slash*

April I'm your friend! Let me in! (sorry if this sounds insane i'm a bit tired).


Nice banner, by the way. :)

hey april - its jen. we hung out and watched chasing amy together at carl's. I remember you used to be on my friend's list a while ago when you were still using your old journal. I'd love to be lj buddies again!^

oh, yeah. i remember that. and i thought you looked familiar. anyway, i'll add you now.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaapril its laaaaaaaaaaaaaura

add meeeeeeeeee kthxbye :-)

Heya! It's Becky from Stratagem.

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