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Title: Vacation
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Vincent Crabbe/Gregory Goyle
Prompt: She
Word Count: 2790
Rating: NC-17
Summary: He felt a hand work its way under his body and over his stomach. He groaned softly as the contact and hoped the hand was moving the way he thought it was.
Warning: Voyeurism, Exhibitionist, Threesome

The day started just as all the other ones had on this vacation so far. It was nearing nine in the morning and the sun was hitting their room just perfectly now that they could feel the warmth...if they were still in it. They were already on the beach and had been for about an hour now. They weren't ones to waste away perfect weather when they had the chance to enjoy it. Vince had made himself comfortable in the shade with one of his favourite books and Greg was a few meters away lying out in the sun. Vince never liked the sun because he always seemed to get burned when he spent too much time in it. But Greg, he was the complete opposite. He already had slightly darker skin and the sun brought it out to the perfect shade of tan that he liked. Greg also knew that Vince enjoyed that perfect colour as well on him, one of the reasons he did it. It was never said out loud, but he was sure that Vince knew he was part of the reason Greg spent so much time in the sun.

After a few hours of relaxing outside, Vince thought it would be best if he went and got them both something to drink. "What do you want to drink, honey?" Vince asked as he set his book down on the chair where he was sitting. He moved out to join his lover on the towel that was spread out for tanning.

Greg was now laying on his stomach again so that he could keep the tan he was getting even. He felt a hand work its way under his body and over his stomach. He groaned softly as the contact and hoped the hand was moving the way he thought it was. A few seconds later, he felt Vince's hand reach inside his swimming trunks and touch his length. "I think I might wait until you are finished to answer that question," Greg whispered in a husky voice.

It was a voice that Vince knew all too well and enjoyed to hear it, especially when it was his fault it was being used. "Oh so you don't want me to stop," he teased, knowing how to push Greg's buttons just so. He felt the other man arch slightly into his hand. Vince smirked as he continued stroking and whispering softly into Greg's ear. Vince knew that Greg enjoyed dirty talk when he was getting a hand job.

The dirty talk always did it for him and after a few minutes of it, Greg was leaning slightly over to one side so that he was more facing Vince. He didn't want his erection to be restricted and it was also one of the things that Vince had whispered to him. Greg moaned Vince's name softly a few times before he came all over their stomachs. Vince moved the towel slightly so he could clean them both up before licking his fingers clean. "Tastes good," Vince whispered before kissing Greg softly. Greg laughed softly before shaking his head.

"I think you should get a couple bottles of water and sandwiches. It's too nice of a day to go back inside. Also you made me work up an appetite. Though I think I might be returning the favour when you come back with that water," Greg whispered as he ran his fingers through Vince's hair. Vince nodded and kissed him one more time before heading to the closest place he could get food and drinks from.

Greg stretched out on his stomach one last time to make sure that he was all clean. He got up and made his way out to the water so that he could rinse himself off because his trunks were a little sticky now and he didn't want to have to deal with that all day. On his way back up to his towel, a blonde woman stopped him. "That was pretty sexy," she said softly to him as she trailed a hand down his arm. Greg smirked at her and ran his fingers through his damp, curly hair. "You were watching? Well, if you are lucky, you might get to see more," he whispered with a wink before he went back to the towel.

By the time he got over there, Vince was already sitting in the shade again with a small cooler of food and drinks. Greg took a water and a sandwich out of the cooler before sitting on it. "Thanks," Greg said after draining half of his water. Vince just rose and eyebrow and looked at Greg. "Anything you have to say for yourself?" He asked before glancing over at the blonde then back at Greg.

"Wha-oh," Greg said softly with a small laugh. "She was telling me that what we did was sexy. I was thinking about doing a bit more to see if we could get her to come and join us," he whispered before nuzzling Vince's neck. Vince's eyes drifted shut when Greg's tongue traveled over the spot right under his ear.

"Maybe we should see if she wants to head back to the room with us because I don't want everyone paying attention when I fuck you senseless," Vince whispered as he ran his fingers through Greg's hair. Greg had moved so that he was now kneeling between Vince's legs and slowly kissing the other man's neck as he hands made their way further south.

"Maybe I will, but right now it looks like I have more important things to take care of," Greg whispered as he brushed his hand against the bulge in Vince's shorts. "I hope it won't bother you too much if you get head here."

Before Vince had a chance to say anything, his erection had found its way into Greg's mouth. Vince let his book fall to the ground next to him and ran his fingers through Greg's hair. He tried to arch up a little bit so that he could start pumping, but he felt Greg's hands pushing his hips back so that they would stay in the chair. Vince wasn't sure if he would be able to handle not moving with Greg, but after a few moments, he looked down to see what Greg was doing. Vince was completely in Greg's mouth now and he could feel the tongue swirling around his cock. Vince ran his fingers through the other man's hair and looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to them and he saw the woman Greg was talking to before looking in their direction.

"We have an audience," Vince whispered softly before he moaned. "I think we should finish this up quickly and go back to the room so we can show her how we really do things." He arched up despite the pressure Greg was putting on his hips to keep him still. Greg had started humming and that normally sent Vince over the edge pretty quickly. Vince arched up again and felt his cock twitch before he came hard in the other man's mouth. He groaned Greg's name as his orgasm subsided.

After Vince was tucked away and Greg was sitting back on his knees with that smug look on his face, Vince pulled him up to kiss him gently. "I love you," Vince whispered before kissing him again. "I've noticed that you have a problem that needs taking care of." Greg blushed with a small laugh. "I do have a problem starting up, but it isn't too bad right now. I'll go see if the woman is interested in seeing more," Greg said softly before he adjusted himself and got up. Vince nodded and started to gather things so they could go back to the room.

Greg made his way back over to the place where the woman was still lying, looking over at them. "Hello," he whispered as he sat down. When he did, it made it that more obvious that he was slightly hard. The woman noticed and smirked at Greg. "I can see you enjoyed yourself yet again. Where did your partner head off to?" She asked as she ran her slightly damp hand down Greg's inner thigh and into his trunks. He groaned softly before stopping her hand. "Back to the room. We were wondering if you were interested in joining us. He noticed you were enjoying the show from a distance and I can tell that you did enjoy it," he whispered before taking her hand and sucking on one of her fingers. She let out a soft moan as Greg pulled her finger out slowly. "I think you'll do nicely," Greg whispered before doing it to another finger. She moaned again, but this time it was louder and attracted more attention. Greg winked at one of the men who looked over before turning his attention back to Blondie. "So, are you coming?" He asked with a smirk. She laughed softly before gathering her things and standing up. "Show me the way and I'm sure I will be coming shortly," she whispered as her hand ghosted over Greg.

Vince was lying in the bed with his book, waiting for Greg and the woman if she decided to join them. He wasn't too worried about that, but it could make things pretty interesting if she did join them. A few minutes later Greg and the woman came into the room and Greg locked the door behind them. "Ashley, this is my boyfriend, Vince. Vince, this is Ashley, the woman who you saw me talking to after I had to rinse off," Greg said as he brought Ashley over to the bed. Ashley smiled as she held out her hand to shake hands with Vince. Instead of shaking hands, Vince brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it gently. He smirked a bit with he looked up at the woman. "I can see you were really enjoying what you were watching earlier," he whispered in a husky voice.

She nodded as she took her hand back slowly. "I'm sorry if I invaded your personal time, but I couldn't seem to turn away when I saw you both the first time," she whispered. Vince shook his head. "Don't apologize. You were invited so that you could watch again. Possibly join in if you were interested," he said softly as he ran his fingers through his hair. Greg had pulled up the chair to the side of the bed so that she would be sitting close enough to see everything that happened. Greg smirked as he took her hand and helped her into the chair. "We really wouldn't mind if you joined in. We actually prefer it," he whispered softly before joining Vince on the bed. Ashley blushed slightly as she made herself more comfortable.

Greg moved over Vince before tossing the book to the side. He didn't really care where it went and he knew that Vince would be able to repair it if it needed to be. He kissed Vince deeply as he ran his hands down the other man's sides and along the top of the shorts. After a few seconds, both men were naked and kissing each other. They were still aware of the woman in the room, but their actions would prove otherwise.

Vince turned their bodies over so that he was on top and started to kiss his way down Greg's body. Greg groaned softly in anticipation of what Vince was going to do to him. Vince smirked at the smirk and ran one hand over Greg's arse before dipping one finger into his entrance. Greg moaned at the contact and his hips rose slightly so that Vince had better access to what he wanted. Vince glanced over at Ashley as he stuck his finger further into Greg. "Why don't you take off some of those clothes and stay a while? It's going to get very hot in this room very quickly. I can promise you that," he whispered as he added another finger into Greg.

Greg sucked in a breath and bit his lip because of the pain. He knew that Vince was always gentle, but it still hurt a little when they started. Vince pulled out his fingers and applied some lube as Ashley started to remove the clothes she was in. Vince winked at Ashley before leaning over Greg and kissing him gently. "Relax a bit," he whispered as he slowly slid into Greg. Greg groaned again, but there was some pleasure in the noise. Greg had his eyes closed again because that was the easiest way for him to concentrate until they actually started going at it. After a few thrusts, Greg looked up at Vince's face with a small smile. He mouthed I love you to his partner before looking over at Ashley.

She was staring at the men with a look of awe. She had never been this close to two very attractive men having sex. Greg gave her this look for her to join in and she blushed again before she moved over to the bed. "Where do you want me?" She asked softly as she watched Vince slowly move in and out of Greg. "Depends on what you want to do or want done to you," Vince said as he thrust a bit harder to make Greg moan again. When she didn't answer that, Vince told her to straddle Greg's face so she could get eaten out while helping Greg to get off. She nodded and moved carefully over Greg's face.

Vince was normally the person on the bottom, but he didn't really like to do anything with a woman. When they did decide to invite someone else into the mix, he would be the person on the top. He would always make sure that Greg enjoyed himself the whole time and he would make it up to him after they were alone again.

Greg put his hands on Ashley's hips to pull her a little closer so that he could feel her heat. He smirked a bit when he noticed that she was already wet from what she had been watching. He felt her hand lightly stroking him and ran his tongue against her. He heard a moaned and ran his tongue against her again. After doing that for a bit, he slipped two fingers into her. He heard her cry out, but it was muffled a little.

Vince and Ashley were kissing pretty deeply and Vince was massaging her breasts while Greg was taking care of the lower end. This was normally how they did things unless the girl decided she wanted to suck Greg off instead. Ashley seemed to have other things on her mind right now. Vince sped up and moved faster inside of Greg. Greg sped up as well because he wanted to keep the pace so that they would all get off at relatively the same time. After a few moments, there were noises coming from Vince. He was getting close and Greg could tell because his hips were moving more franticly. Greg moved slightly to suck on Ashley's clit and that resulted in a loud moan from her and she tensed up a bit. Greg continued what he was doing and added another finger. A couple minutes after that, he felt Ashley come hard all over his fingers and he removed them so he could lick her clean.

Greg then felt Vince's hand pumping hard in rhythm with the thrusts. A few minutes after Ashley's orgasm subsided, both men moaned loudly as they came at the same time. Greg felt Vince fill him and felt his own come go all over between the naked bodies. They all seemed to collapse on the bed stayed still for a while so their breathing would get back to normal.

Once their breathing returned to normal, Ashley got up so that she could collect her things. "Thank you very much for inviting me. I need to get back to my friends because they are going to wonder where I went off to," she said softly as she slipped back into her swim suit. Greg smiled at her and nodded. "Thank you for joining us. We are going to be here for a few more days. If you ever want to join us again, come by and knock on the door. We are usually out at the beach around eight. You might have a better chance of finding us there," he said with a sleepy smile. Ashley nodded before leaving the room quietly. About ten minutes after Ashley left, they were at it again.


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