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Title: Years
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Vincent Crabbe/Gregory Goyle
Prompt: 010 Years
Word Count: 1237
Rating: PG
Summary: A few years out of their lives that happened to them.

Age 7:

"Vincent, I need you to come in here. We have things we need to work on today."

Vince had heard this voice in this tone many times before. It was just as cold as the last time he heard it. He left the warmth he was feeling in the library to join his father in his ice cold office. Vince's father was a large man. He had always been bigger than Vince could ever imagine a person to be. But he thought it was the way things were supposed to be because he was his father.

Vince knocked on the office door and waited to be invited in. When he came inside, he took a seat across from his father. "Yes, sir," he whispered softly as his father looked up from his work. His father put down his quill he was working with and looked over at his son. "We have talked about this in the past. There are some things you need to learn now that you are getting to that age. There are certain ways that we are meant to act and I don't need disgracing the name of this family by acting out of line. We are going to start those teachings today." Mr. Crabbe kept Vince in his office most of the day giving his information that he knew his son would need in the future.


"Daddy, can I go outside? It's really nice out and I just got that new broom," Gregory said softly as he carried his new toy broom he got for his birthday. It was the only thing he got that he really liked besides the new quill he got from Vince, his new best friend.

Mr. Goyle just laughed and smiled. "Of course. Just don't fly very far away. Your mother still wants to go out with you later so that you both can get new dress robes." Greg nodded and left the house without saying a word. He was too excited about trying out his broom.

Age 11:

Vince and Greg sit with each other on the train. They both know they have some things they have to do this year so that they will be where their fathers want them. Vince is more worried about this than Greg is because he isn't quite that sure that he is going to be getting into Slytherin. He was mostly worried about being put in Hufflepuff because that would probably be the worst house ever and he knew he would lose his best friend, Greg, because of stupid reason dealing with the purebloods.

Greg on the other hand was more worried about having to become friends with a Malfoy. He had only heard Draco being talked about while around the house. The Malfoy's were probably the riches family followed by the Lestranges and the Parkinsons. Greg knew the Goyle's fell well into the middle class families, but he never cared about the money or anything of the material nature. Though he did treasure the things that held value in his heart like the broom and the quill.

"Do you think we should got find Draco now?" Greg asked softly as he glanced over at Vince. He sighed softly and nodded. "Yeah. I guess we should. I think maybe, I should be the one who talks to him at first. I have met him once before. His father came over to my house once and Draco came with him.

Greg nodded because he had nothing to do with wanting to meet Draco because they had to. They both left the compartment, Greg a little more nervous than he was just minutes before.

Age 16:

Greg laughed softly when he looked over and saw Vince trying to get himself untangled from a charm he did to himself. "Stop laughing at me and help me out. I don't want to be late for class again. I'll have detention for the rest of the year," he said as he tried to pull his hand free. He did get a little loose, but his hand just ended up getting stuck in a worse way.

Greg shook his head before walking over to the other man. "You're sort of cute when you whine like that," he whispered while trailing his hand over Vince's midsection. Greg wasn't ever worried about anyone finding out about the two of them being found out because the people who mattered knew already and had no problems with anything.

Vince arched a bit into Greg's hand and growled softly. "I'm not cute and can you please get me out of this. You are usually the one who is tied up," he whispered in a husky voice. Greg got chills from listening to Vince speak to him like that. "I want to be in charge for once," he whispered softly in Vince's ear before trailing his tongue over it.

Vince bit back a moan and closed his eyes for a moment. "Get me out of these things and you can be anything you want," Vince whispered as he looked into Greg's eyes. Greg's eyes had darkened slightly with lust and that seemed to turn Vince on that much more.

Greg shook his head and slowly let his fingers explore moving south. "Just this once, I'm going to get you to beg for what you want. You seem to find a way to make me do it every time we are together," Greg whispered softly in Vince's ear and that sent shivers through the other man.

Age 24:

They have lived together for a few years now and forgot about most of the wizarding world because they didn't need them any more. About a year after they moved in together, they talked about adopting a child because they wanted to have a family. A family was something that they had always wanted. The conversation turned from adoption to actually having a child. Find one of their close female friends that would have the baby for them.

Two years late when they were both twenty four, they had a one year old daughter and they both took turns taking care of her and spoiling her the way they knew she should be spoiled. Vince had opted to stay home from work that day because Greg had some very big things going on at work and their babysitter had things she had to do. Vince decided that he and Jessica were going to go out for a walk. It was near lunch time, so he picked up some food that he and his daughter could bring to Greg so that he could get something to eat.

Vince walked in the building holding Jessica and a few people stopped him so they could see his daughter. He kept his eyes peeled for Greg and when he finally saw the other man, he excused himself from Greg's coworkers so that he could greet the other man. They kissed each other gently on the lips before Vince handed off Jessica. "Can we go to your office? I want to have lunch in private. I don't like all these people," Vince asked softly as he wrapped his free arm around Greg's waist.

They walked into Greg's office where it was much more private. Vince only had to worry about the odd looks his lover gave him because of the way he liked to eat his sandwiches.


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