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i was thinking about this yesterday with everything else. this is a little happier.

everyone should have "walk like an egyptian" byt the bangles on their ipods. just cause it's a great song. i heard it while i was on the back porch. it's funny because i was looking for songs on my brother's ipod and he has it too. it's such a good song. i think i'm going to listen to it again.

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My feel-good song is Petula Clark's "Downtown". It always brings a smile to my face. I dont' think I've even heard "Walk like an egyptian." said it couldn't work.

here. hopefully that worked.

sorry i disc-appeared the other night. my mom got online without telling me and poof. i got kicked off.

you ok?


it's alright. i thought you just didn't want to talk to me so you signed off.

my grandma's in the hospital. well, i think she got out today. i'm not sure. but she fell. not the one that lives with me, the other one. but they thought she was drinking that's why she doesn't remember the fall.

I have it on my ipod! Love that song! It's always makes me think of your know which one I am talking about. ^___~

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